Modaplex BRAF Mutation Analysis Kit

The Modaplex BRAF Mutation Analysis Kit is a PCR-based multiplex assay that detects and differentiates relevant BRAF mutations.

The mutations of the BRAF gene encode a serin/threonin kinase. They are present in codon 600 and result in a continuous stimulation of cell proliferation. The assay contains all reagents necessary for the fast and sensitive detection of 4 BRAF mutations.

The Modaplex BRAF Mutation Analysis Kit is intended for research use only and not for diagnostic use.

Modaplex BRAF Mutation Analysis Kit

Product Specification

Targets V600D, V600E, V600E-TG/AA, V600K
Kit Content Primer Mix BRAF, PCR Buffer 2, Modaplex Enhancer 50, Polymerase B, Controls, and Nuclease-Free Water
Kit Size 50 rxn
Sample Material Verified with artificial sample material spiked into the FFPE (Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded) background and pre-characterized DNA samples extracted from FFPE colorectal tissue, if available
DNA Input 10 ng
Technology Modaplex
Result Interpretation With Biotype’s Excel Meta-Analysis Worksheet


The Modaplex BRAF Mutation Analysis Kit is designed for use with the Modaplex platform. This multiplex PCR bench-top system combines qPCR with capillary electrophoresis (CE) in an automated process. All data are processed within 3.5 hours, and the results can be interpreted intuitively using Biotype’s Excel Meta-Analysis Worksheet.

Modaplex Workflow

A universal PCR amplification profile allows the simultaneous performance of various assay types including fragment analysis, mutation analysis, gene expression, and miRNA. Thus, BRAF mutation analysis can be performed together with the analysis of NRAS and KRAS mutations in a single run. For all tests, the Modaplex workflow comprises the same three steps: PCR set up, Modaplex run, and result interpretation.

Order Information

Product: Modaplex BRAF Mutation Analysis Kit
Cat. no.: 85-10601-0050

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