Modaplex FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit

The Modaplex FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit is a multiplex PCR assay that detects and differentiates relevant mutations in FGFR1, FGFR2, and FGFR3 genes. The kit provides all the reagents necessary for the rapid and sensitive detection of 27 FGFR mutations. Together with the Modaplex technology, the kit provides trustworthy results, while using a workflow that is as simple as a standard PCR.

The Modaplex FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit is intended for research use only purposes and not for diagnostic use.

Modaplex FGFR CNV Analysis Kit

Product Specification

Targets FGFR1: L342F,R445W
FGFR2: R210Q, S252W, P253R, P253L, K310R, Y375C, C382R, V392A, I548V, N549H, N549K (c.1647T>A), N549K (c.1647T>G), K659E, R664W, S780L
FGFR3: S249C, R248C, G370C, Y373C, S371C, G380R, K650E, K650M, K650Q, K650T
Kit Content FGFR Mutation Primer, Taq DNA Polymerase, Buffer,
Positive Control, Nuclease-free Water for NTC and Sample Dilution
Kit Size 50 reactions
Sample Material Human gDNA extracted from FFPE tissue
DNA Input

Input range:       25ng – 150ng

Optimum:          50ng – 100ng

Reproducibility To assess the reproducibility of the FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit, the following tests have been performed:

  • Intra-assay reproducibility
  • Kit and reagent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Inter-laboratory reproducibility
  • Inter-Modaplex reproducibility

The Modaplex FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit has passed all tests with a call accuracy of 100%.

Technology Modaplex
Result Interpretation With Biotype Moda-RA software


The Modaplex FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit is to be used with the Modaplex technology, a bench-top system that integrates PCR-based amplification with automated capillary electrophoresis (CE)-based detection of amplification products. In combination with the Modaplex FGFR Mutation Test and the analysis software Moda-RA, copy number variations can be assessed in just 3.5 hours.Modaplex Workflow

A universal PCR amplification profile allows the simultaneous analysis of various biological modalities. Thus, FGFR mutation analysis can be combined with any other test for FGFR/FGF genetic alterations in a single run. The workflow and the turnaround time remain unchanged. Therefore, the Modaplex technology is an ideal instrument for multi-analyte assays.

Order Information

Product: Modaplex FGFR Mutation Analysis Kit
Cat. no.: BTI-C001-C1-2-0050

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